Travellers and Bloggers

yTravel Blog- my favorite travel bloggers. A nomadic family. My 



We Are Sole Sisters- inspiring women vagabonds. Lois the surfer

                                   and passion test facilitator as editor-in-chief


Screw the Cubicle- digital nomad and life coach


Solitary Wanderer- Filipina solo traveller and writer


I Dreamed of This- travel blogger who lived in the

                                Philippines and got smitten with the country


Wandering Earl - kick ass solo traveller and storyteller


Nomadic Matt- Amercian budget traveller


Chris Guillebeau- writer and traveller who inspires living 

                                            an extraordinary life



The Poor Traveler-Filipino budget traveller


Two to Travel- travellers and killer photographers


Just One Way Ticket- half-German, half-Italian budget traveller 

                                     who is a huge fan of the Philippines


The Wandering Trader- digital nomad who earns big bucks by day



The Blog Tyrant- Ramsay Taplin writes about blogging


Problogger- Darren Rowse writes about blogging


Copyblogger- extraordinary team writing about blogging and



Seth Godin- THE BLOGGER!


Gaping Void- cartoonist Hugh McLeod and team never fails to



Martine de Luna- Filipina life coach and entrepreneur


Twenty-Something Travel- American traveller and inspiration


Infinite Satori- Filipina photographer,dreamer and storyteller


Tim Ferris - blogger and author of "4-Hour Work Week"


Simon Sinek- blogger and author of "Start With Why"


Boarding Gate 101- vagabonding


Artsy Traveler  - cultured backpacking