The Colors and Patterns of Sidcor Market

I love markets!I am crazy about them! I always check out first the markets of every place I visit or decide to live in. They are a colorful and chaotic world on their own.They say so much about the culture of a place and they have some of the most interesting subjects for photography.


Being in the Philippines for the past 3 months, I would like to post about my favorite market when I'm in the country:The Sidcor Market.


The Sidcor market has become the food haven of Quezon City dwellers every Sunday. Famllies,couples and groups of friends come as early as 7am to enjoy the market's offerings: from food to clothes,plants,pets and handicrafts.Name it and Sidcor market has it.


It was still located at the Lung Center many years back when I first discovered it. The market has undergone a major makeover and makes it truly convenient not just to buy your favorites but also a really cool place to have your breakfast or lunch after a walk or a jog.


Sidcor is liveliest in the summer and the christmas season where you will surely bump into at least one friend and have a quick chat while having "palamig" or "dirty ice cream". But what I like the most about this market is the diversity of regional specialties it offers. These are what I really crave for whenever I come home for vacation. My family tries to visit at least once a month for our favorites: barbeque,empanada,ice cream,sherbet,okoy and the herbs.And believe me, we always end up leaving the market really stuffed!


The Sidcor Market is now located at The Centris Complex along EDSA Quezon City.




refreshing drinks

my favorite


carabao milk and carabao milk pastillas

freshly pressed sugarcane juice

assorted meats and skewered items

Ilocos empanada

salted duck eggs


dried fish

my weakness: DURIAN!

they cal it mickey mouse plant!

birds of paradise

for plant lovers

and pet lovers


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