Hello! My name is Janerma.


I am a restless woman who loves to wander, constantly learn something new, meet people living extraordinary lives and to nurture communities.


I knew I wanted to travel at the age of 14 and started exploring  while I was still at university. I fell in love with life on the road and vowed to live a nomadic life from then on.


I worked as a teacher before living in London to pursue further studies while traipsing through Europe. In 2004, came back to the Philippines to give back to my roots, be an entrepreneur and explore Asia.


Three years later I decided to go back to school and be a professional chef so I could pursue a newfound passion as well as see the world again. Three years working as chef, I've worked and lived in Davao, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok. I'm on my way to my next city..


I am currently working my ass off to be an A-list blogger like Seth Godin and move around the world to work as a teacher, chef, life coach and hopefully as a professional photographer and a videographer in the near future.


Do join me as I juggle my passions and tick items off my bucket list one adventure at a time!