Summer Love: Coron, Palawan

by: Janerma

It was fleeting but sweet.


My love affair with Coron took place when I came back from London and I was dying for a true tropical adventure. As usual, I didn't want to just stay at the beach and relax. I wanted to sweat and rough it out!


So I decided to go to Coron with another adventurous friend. We took the last Super Ferry trip on a Friday then came back to Manila on Monday morning with the same liner. We did our own reasearch and knew exactly what we wanted to do for our weekend adventure while also leaving room for some changes and surprises.


Coron did not disappointed me. It was all that I hoped for and more. It's a pity I couldn't stay longer then and I haven't had the chance to go back either. My bucket list is long and it gets even longer everyday but I'm still hoping I could go back to this part of the world someday..

We stayed in a native guesthouse called Darayonan.The owner of the place even had time to talk with us and gave us tips for exploring Coron.

our homey receiving area

We bought crabs and vegetables to be cooked for lunch.

All geared up for snorkelling and photography!I suggest bringing your own snorkelling gear.

Twenty minutes away from the mainland and it felt like we were heading to a totally different world.

It got surreally beautiful as we approached the limestones!

We ran out of words on our way to Barracuda Lake entrance.

finally reached the entrance to the Barracuda lake

Coron has two lakes:the Baraccuda lake and the Kayangan lake. The Kayangan is the cleanest lake in the Philippines and it would just take a bit of a trek to get there. We chose to go to Barracuda lake for the challenge of climbing up the limestones to get there!

Our guide cooked in our "bangka" and prepared crabs in coconut milk with vegetables.We needed energy for our island hopping.

Our first island just for swimming and lounging at the beach.

Our second island: for snorkelling! yay!

Taking a break before heading to the Twin Lagoon.

We met new friends who happened to own an island. They invited us to explore their place. We went trekking and kayaking in the mangroves.

Enjoying the stunning views of the island.

free welcome drinks!!!

What more could we ask for?

The private island's resort called Dive Link has a wreck at the entrance. Coron is famous for wreck diving. We didn't get to go wreck diving.Instead our guide brought us to a wreck which could be explored by snorkelling.

We went trekking before leaving the private island and enjoyed the views from the top.

On our way back to Coron town for the hot springs!

Just enjoying the peace and quiet..

A perfect way to end our weekend getaway: with a rainbow!!!

We were really exhausted but happy and content.

Taking a nap before heading back to Manila.

How to get there:

Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Skyjetair,Zestair and SEAir have regular flights to Coron (Busuanga).


Superferry Liner sails from Manila to Puerto Princesa via Coron.Office is in the WGA office(0919-540-1695).


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  • #2

    Jerry Funciona (Monday, 10 October 2016 07:21)

    It is beautiful paradise, thanks for sharing this incredible trip.

  • #1

    sharon (Monday, 23 June 2014 11:37)

    the weekend does seem much too short for a Coron trip!